Deborah Lippmann Whisper Collection

I’m so late to the game with this collection, mainly because I got it around the time my nails broke ( :( ) and then I kind of forgot about it, which is terrible. I know. But better late than never! Deborah Lippmann’s Spring 2015 Collection, Whisper, is all about the softest of soft colours. And it’s quite pretty, though not something I think I’m going to reach for much. Here’s why: all the colours are on the sheer side and if you’ve been reading this little blog of mine for a while, you’ll know I’m no fan of sheer. Having that nail line showing just drives me awol. So while these are pretty and may be your cup of sheer tea, I prefer my opaque polishes. Here are swatches for you to decide!

A Fine Romance



This creamy base has loads of silver shimmer running through, which makes it super pretty… but that nail line is giving me major anxiety. I could, however, totally see this being opaque with another coat (pictured was two).

Chantilly Lace



Chantilly Lace has a little pink action going on, and again, it’s cute but I can’t deal with the nail line thing. I just can’t! Plus, after two coats this was still kind of streaky. Na-uh hunny.

Misty Morning

IMG_7458 IMG_7467

This one’s streaky, too! I actually really like how soft this blue is, but after two coats, it really doesn’t cut it. And I am not about to paint on 3+ layers of polish on and sit still for this ish to dry.

Like Dreamers Do

IMG_7446IMG_7444I actually think this grey shade is super pretty, but it needs about 3 more coats to get on my level. It has so much potential, though!


Overall, I really wish this collection was more opaque. I mean, does anyone even really love sheer shades? I can’t help but be a little disappointed in what seems like a really promising collection in the bottles, but aint nobody got time for coat after coat after coat. I will say, though, that if sheer is your thing, run, don’t walk, to pick these up. Also, i’m getting major bridal vibes here, no? Let me know what you think! x


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