Get Glossy: Opal, Marble Nail Art

Opal Nails Tutorial

Let me just start by saying I have a new found respect for people who make these awesome pictorials online… this one took me FOREVER and I don’t even know if it’s effective, or cute, for that matter. Anyway, I tried to make a super simple tutorial for these opal nails. I posted the bottom photo a few weeks ago to my Instagram and people seemed to really like it, so I figured I’d make a bigger, nicer one for the web. The main points are really all right there; you start with a white base then you literally blob the polish onto your nail, randomly and overlapping the colours. Then, using a square (pre!) cut from a sandwich baggie, you lightly place it on the nail then literally just tap down on it, sort of swirling the colours together, moving the plastic a bit. Lift it off, clean up, and add topcoat. For more photos on this mani or to see the polishes I used, click here. If you try this out, let me know how it goes!


  1. I think you forgot the “Clean up the insane mess you just made on your cuticles” step, but otherwise, very cool! =)


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