Maybelline Color Show

Maybelline Color Show Orange FX

Orange FX

Maybelline Color Show Chiffon Chic

Chiffon Chic

Maybelline Color Show Fierce N Tangy

Fierce N Tangy

Maybelline Color Show Blue Blaze.

Blue Blaze

Maybelline Color Show Drops of Jade

Drops of Jade

I’ve never tried Maybelline polish before -but I’ve been eyeing their polka dot collection for a while now. So when I was sent some polishes (thanks, Maybelline!) I was super excited to see one in the stash. As a whole, the colors are really pretty, but the simple ones (top three) are nothing to write home about. I mean, they’re fine and all… but that’s about it; no show stoppers. Fierce N Tangy was probably my least favorite of the bunch; it was a little streaky and, though you can’t tell much in the photo, still wasn’t opaque in three coats. I did really like the pink (plus it has an adorable name) and the orange was SUPER bright. Now- as for Blue Blaze -it’s a really nice metallic shade and I have nothing bad to say about it… except that it’s not holographic at all. At all. So, I have no idea why they claim it is on the bottle. I mean, it’s not even holographic in the slightest. Metallic -yes. Holographic -um, no. My fav of the five was Drops of Jade (♡♡♡).  I love the black and white glitters (I’m having a moment with black and white glitters, btw) and the base is the prettiest jelly-jade. Bonus: it only took two coats (I was convinced this would need 3, minimum). I really didn’t want to take this off and now I totally want every other color from this collection. Tell me, guys, are you feeling Maybelline polishes?

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