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Happy Friyay! On a recent Instagram post, I asked if some of you would be interested in a nail care routine and some of you said yes! So, I’m going to break down how I do my nails.

1| My favourite nail polish remover is Zoya’s Remove +. It’s gentle on the nails but gets even the most stubborn polish off. Of course, I start every new mani with taking off my last so this is number one. If I need to file or shape my nails, I’ll do that now.

2| Next, I use CND Cuticle Away to “remove” (really, mostly just to push back) my cuticles. I never, ever cut my cuticles and if you currently do, please stop! The reason your cuticles grow back so thick is because you started messing with them in the first place. Our cuticles are there for a reason, so just leave them be!

3| Once the Cuticle Away has sat for a few minutes, I use a metal cuticle pusher to gently push them back and then wash the residue away.

4| Next is base coat! (Tip: Before applying any polish, swipe remover on your bare nails one more time to really remove any oil and make sure the base coat or colour sticks well.) I’ve been using Zoya’s Naked Manicure as a base coat for about a month now and my nails have never been stronger. I’m really attributing their strength to this product because before using it, my nails were taking forever to grow. Now, they’re back to a perfect length. I know there’s a whole system behind these Naked treatments, but I just use whichever one I have as a base and so far it’s doing the trick!

5| Next is the fun part: colour! I truly love so many brands, but CND Vinylux, Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro, and Zoya never disappoint.

6| Once I’ve applied two coats of polish, it’s time to make that mani shine. I never skip topcoat because it helps your manicure last and, obviously, makes it extra shiny. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Seche Vite. It’s probably the shiniest topcoat I’ve tried and dries in seconds, BUT it shrinks the nail polish which is sooooo annoying. I’ll prob stop using it soon, but nothing compares in terms of its fast drying-ness.

7| Once my nails are dry, I try to finish every mani off with cuticle oil. CND’s Solar Oil is great because it’s not super oily and absorbs into the skin really quickly. I keep one in my purse and in my room and try to apply it at least once a day.

And that’s all that I do! It sounds long, but I can give myself a mani in 20 minutes if I don’t have mush filing to do. Do you guys have any tips or tricks for a perfect mani?

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