When it comes to breaking a nail, I’m a complete and total girl, for obvious reasons. So I was sort of annoyed when the nail on my ring finger broke the other day (taking off nail polish; when does that ever happen?). I feel like I’m one of the only people that doesn’t immediately shorten…

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Dare I say it? This might just be my favourite pink ever. It’s what I imagine Barbie would wear 24/7, including the pearls. Boom Boom Room is pretty much the most perfect shade of pink; creamy and bright, without being insanely flashy. It’s like a baby pink on steroids, and I LOVE it. The formula…

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Get Glossy: Opal, Marble Nail Art

Let me just start by saying I have a new found respect for people who make these awesome pictorials online… this one took me FOREVER and I don’t even know if it’s effective, or cute, for that matter. Anyway, I tried to make a super simple tutorial for these opal nails. I posted the bottom…

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