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For those of you that don’t know, I got married last year! I’m nearly a year late to the game with this post (I swear, cooking and cleaning is why I’ve been MIA), but I wanted to share a look at my honeymoon in Portugal. We spent just over two weeks in Algarve, took a day trip to Spain and then went up to Lisbon. We had such a great time and saw some of the most beautiful sights, so I wanted to share some snapshots below.


Algarve is so unbelievably beautiful. This is Praia da Marinha where we spent most of our beach days (can you blame us?). And, as stunning as it looks in the photos, it’s even more amazing in person. Seriously.

On our last day in Algarve, we woke up extra early and drove down to the beach to see it without all the people (it gets crazy packed). There were just a handful of people there and the tide was low so we were able to explore a little more, making for some pretty awesome views (and photos).

If you’re ever in Algarve, O Teodosio is a must. I ate the best Portuguese chicken I’ve ever had in my life here, plus the crispy golden fries and fresh tomato salad was to-die-for. SO GOOD. I’d go back to Portugal just for this!


Since Spain and Portugal are next-door neighbours, we took advantage and drove into Sevilla for a day, visiting Plaza de España and sharing tapas and sangria, because, what else? Oh, I also went to Zara. #basic


In Lisbon, there are tiled buildings and charming windows pretty much everywhere you turn. This was the view from our quaint little Airbnb.

Mmmm, ice cream! We had Santini’s gelato pretty much everyday. I could not get enough of their passionfruit flavour.

A trip to Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Pastéis de Belem. These little pastries come to you fresh, hot and ready to be devoured, which we did, in about 2.84 seconds. If you go, get seconds (or thirds).

Impatiently waiting/unbelievably excited for my natas…

We took a day trip to Sintra (such a beautiful town!) and visited Pena Palace. If you go, my number one tip is to NOT take the hiking route. We somehow did and ended up walking uphill for, like, two hours. It was a disaster. Spend the 10 euros and have someone drive you up the hill. Anyway, this was just one of the crazy intricate rooms from the palace, which started construction in 1836(!!!). Can I move in? The pastel pink, white and gold theme is so in right now.

We topped off our trip with a Benefica soccer game that was so much more fun than I thought it would be. We somehow ended up with the really intense fans that stood and yelled for all 90 minutes… but we fit right in.

A few of Lisbon’s pretty streets…

And finally, more Santini’s.

And that concludes our honeymoon! Have you been to Portugal or are you planning a trip to Europe?


  1. You’re literally amazing at this!!!! I don’t know what I did to deserve not only nail posts, but also lifestyle & travel posts. Any plans on making a wedding post?

    Your #1 fan

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