NEW! Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Polishes: Worth the Hype?


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Remember that Revlon event I told you about yesterday? Well, along with makeup we also got to take home some polishes (YAY), these new Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy ones included. And I tested them out to let you know if they’re really worth the hype.

So first thing’s first, these aren’t gel. You don’t need to cure them or use a special base and top coat combination. They’re gel-like, which means they’re meant to stay on, without chipping, for a good number of days. The coloured polish itself is a base + colour combo, so no base coat required. The line, however, does have a separate top coat to purchase.

I tested out showtime for, like, three days because girl has got swatching to do… but here’s what I love about these colours: the brush is magnificent. You know that usual, skinny mini brush that most Revlon polishes have? Well, they’ve doubled it for Gel Envy. So you get a nice, smooth application right away that covers the whole nail. Revlon, please double-brush all your polishes from now on, kay? As for the colours I received…

Screen shot 2014-04-12 at 11.07.58 AMRevlon Gel Envy - Showtime

Showtime was a great colour, but it looked more purple in the bottle and much more blue on the nail. I preferred what I saw in the bottle, but it was still a nice, opaque shade with lots of shimmery specks in it. Not something I’d reach for often, but I do like it. Dupe-wise, it’s very similar to OPI’s Grape, Set, Match, but the OPI one is much more true to colour on the nail and actually comes out purple.

Revlon Gel Envy - Dealers Choice

Dealer’s Choice was really gorg. The teal colour has a silver shimmer going through that added a nice touch, rather than just a simple cream. It was more watery than I expected and the first coat wasn’t as opaque as I’d like, but it definitely built up to be super pretty.

Revlon Gel Envy - Winning StreakWinning Streak was probably my favourite because look, it’s lavender! This is easily one of my all time fave colours, so as soon as I pulled it out of the bag I knew it was love at first sight. It went on great on the nail. Super easy to apply and looked really cute on. Totally spring-perfect.

The bottom line: Like I said earlier, I only wore Showtime for a few days, but in those few days it held up pretty well. I paired it with their topcoat and only noticed a tiny, tiny chip on my index finger when I went to take it off, which, by the way, these polishes can all be taken off with regular polish remover. I do think they would’ve lasted another couple of days unscathed, but realistically, you won’t get gel results without getting gel nails, so don’t expect these to last two weeks and be perfect. It wont happen, sista. So really, if you guys like a few colours I’d say pick ’em up!  For $7.99 you can’t really go wrong. There’s 30 colours to choose from (which all have fun casino-related names like Lady Luck and Jackpot –cute!) and they’re out May! Will you be trying these new polishes?


  1. just got some of this today…I picked a teal without sparkles ( # 320). The cosmetician did one nail for me to see what it was like, can’t wait to do the rest. I use gel polish all the time and as far as I know, nothing beats it! Hopefully this product will come close, at least stay on longer than regular nail polish.

  2. Hi all!

    Ive picked up four colors plus the top coat. I will say this. Do your manicure during the day. I tried this at our store here duringvthe demo yesterday. It was great. Dried quickly and hard. When i did my manicure last night i went to bed three hours later thinking Im most definitely dry…..haha yeah right. I had what I call a bedicure- where you get dents in the polish from things like your hair? Or even the not so pretty(on your nails) imprint of your comforter or quilt pattern? Needless to say I was not happy. But with a little research i found This is due to the fact that a gel is a gel and needs UV light to cure totally, so while you do not need an actual UV light to cure the topcoat you do need UV from the sun to cure it 100%.

    So I tried again this morning. Viola! Hard. The polish went on great and this was a plus with me because ive always hated just about every nail polish brush revlon made. Its pretty much a double up on Revlons regular colorstsy brush. The first coato f dealers choice #240 went on lovely but i just like having a second coat of any polish so I doubled up and still brilliant. I applied the top coat and I dried in the five minutes it took to write thus out.

    If I can resist the urge to try a new color in less than three days ill update you on wearing and chips. But i cant promise i wont want to try Roulette Rush #620(a bright red), Beginners Luck#030 (a pretty light holographic pink) or Sky’s The Limit#340 (a pretty sparkly green-blue) before today is even over!!

    • I have a UV light from my Gelish nail polish. Can it be used on the Gel Envy top coat to help it dry faster and harder?

      • Hi Jennifer! I don’t think it’s necessary. Since the product isn’t meant to be used with a UV lamp, I don’t know that it will make a difference if you cure it. With that said, if you try it, please let us know the results! x

      • I tried the gel envy with my led lamp and it works wonderfully. It actually cures better than gel polish that requires the lamp.

        • I tried it and it didn’t work. What did work is if I waited one day for the Colorstay gel to dry, then put a coat of the real get top coat. It didn’t stay quite as long, but still a little better. Red Carpet is the best I’ve found.

    • You had much better luck with this stuff than I did. Went on bumpy, and irregularly, and no amount of touch up seemed to help. And I’m in Mexico, so UV was hardly a problem. I used to trust the Revlon name … no more!

      • Hi Gail! So sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience with this line! I guess it reacts differently on different people, nails, places.

  3. P.s. please disregard my grammatical and spelling errors. The device I am.using is not responding well to this site.

    • Hey Heather! Thanks for your thorough comment! Glad you’re loving these after curing them a little… but since they’re essentially just polish and not gel, I wonder how it actually makes a difference? How was wearing and chips? Let me know! x

      • I love them. I love to wear different colors to match the outfits I wear, so l change up a lot..I have had my color “wild card on for 5 days without a chip. Wash dishes about 3-4 X’s daily, plus routinely all day..Again I love it. Plus you can do a quick touch up if necessary. I know that because I missed some areas on the initial coats. Well worth the price. The very first thing I noticed was the how the polish flowed on my nail. That’s when I noticed the thicker brush..

  4. I’m wearing lady luck on my nails right now, and so far so good. Normally, I’m lucky to get 5 minutes out of nail polish before it starts chipping. I have had the polish on for about 24 hours right now. If I can get 5 days , hell even 3 days out of it then they will have a new customer. I will literally buy most of the collection

  5. I picked up ‘Jokers Wild’ and the top coat at Walgreens the other day BOGO50% and then set out to make sure that they didn’t have to be cured; their display wasn’t clear on that. The top coats are also really hard to find; this was my fourth store looking for them when I finally found one with one two left. Half of the stores didn’t even have them yet and we’re now into June. :-/ Kinda seems like Revlon didn’t launch this well, which makes me sad for a budget polish with staying power.

    • Hey April! Too bad you couldn’t find the top coats easily. Hope you like the polish now that you’ve got a color.

  6. My boyfriend picked up a few bottles of this line for me because i am a total nail polish freak. I for one LOVE this line and i wore jokers wild #640 its a coral color and it lasted about 8 days with the top coat. It is by far one of the best non gel polishes i have ever used. i loved it so much in fact that i went to walmart and bought the whole line for $5 a bottle..

  7. Hi…can you reapply the topcoat for extra wear??? Not that I have needed it so far, but just in case???

  8. glad to hear the polish is ‘wearing’ well! can you use the gel top coat with another brand of regular polish?

    • Hey Tina! You definitely could, but I don’t know that it would last as long. Of course, it’s meant to be paired with the same brand of polish for best results. You can always try it out… let me know how it goes! x

      • Hello-I did try the clear gel top coat (2 coats) over my pale pink polish (3 coats) & held up very well. I did my nails on Sunday the 13th & it is now Monday the 21st- the polish is not worn at all at the tips!!

    • I put the top coat over Essie’s Aruba Blue….so far it’s lasted well. Not as good as with the Gel Envy Polish…but better than a regular top coat!

  9. Hi, I have about 6 colors and LOVE THEM!! Wore card shark (pink) all week at work (office typing,etc) did house work, dishes, laundry, dusting, etc. only have a couple small chips after 7 days, could go a few more but want to change color for new work week. Lol. I’m in SE Michigan and the CVS store in Northville at 6 and haggerty has about 20-25 colors! It’s worth a 15 mile drive for me to get the collection!

    • So glad you love them, Jae! Everyone seems to be head over heels for this polish. Haha if it lasts that long for you, then a 15 mile drive is totally worth it! So happy you’re enjoying them! x

  10. has them for B1G1 50% off, it looks like the whole line including top coat. Ordering a few, the colors are gorgeous!

  11. Hi Just bought some 3 colors and top coat, have not used yet. I usually wear CND shellac not gel,but schellac, it lasts 14 days. I will let you know how it works for me

  12. Do polish geeks (you know who you are!) prefer Revlon over Sally Hansen’s MiracleGel? I am debating between the two product lines.

    • Okay, I am taking the plunge. Here is what I have to report. Yes, the brush is wide. I like that as it makes it faster to apply.It’s a thick consistency so apply as thinly as you can. It will bubble. It will also dent if your bite of turkey isn’t aimed well enough at your mouth and you bonk your tooth into your index nail. I recommend that you get a regular manicure about 3 wks before you start using this so as to have all your nasty cuticle gunk off of your fingers because the brush tip is thick and not cut to a blunt end so I wasn’t able to truly get to my nail edge. But, I can see potential here with a little practice. Hopefully, it will last decently, chip free for a week. If it does, I am totally in! I wore royal flush, a bright, noticeable but still office appropriate pink.

  13. Day three, two small ships. Not enough to remove the stuff plus, I want to see if this will come close to decently lasting a week..or at least as long as the turkey leftovers.

  14. Tonight , I applied Hot Hand. Not perfect but much, much better. Fewer bubbles and less turkey. If only it will last the week!

      • Made it through four days before wear started to become visible. I will say that I am not one who puts the color and top coat on the underside of my nails so maybe if I do that, I can get to that magical day five.

        This weekend, I will be trying the Sally Hansen product. Dinner Saturday and a concert Sunday with chores in between. I think I bought street flair.

  15. just applied the teal (dealer’s choice) but with no top coat bc my CVS didn’t have any. I am going to try to hit up target tomm am after I drop my son at school and scoop up anything I can for $5. Curious though will a regular top coat work? How long will it last with no top coat?

    • Hey Francine! Of course regular top coat can be applied, but to get the whole “gel” effect, you’d really need to use the specific top coat, otherwise I’m pretty certain it won’t last longer than any other mani. With no top coat, I have no idea how long it will last! I’m guess not too long. Pick up the top coat when you can for maximum effect! x

  16. The revlon Gel envy top coat is great….not as good as real Gel that you bake, but an excellent choice if you need to take a break from gels…if it chips, I just reapply over, and reapply the top coat, to get many more days….I have envy used the top coat with regular Essie polish….not as good, but better than a regulate top coat like seche vite, which is a good one!!!

  17. Revlon Vs Sally Hansen-
    Both have nice, wide brushes but SH is more pliable and easier to use. SH 1 point
    Revlon is much shinier than SH. Revlon1 point
    Sally Hansen seems to be holding up much better than Revlon did. SH 1 point
    Revlon is cheaper than SH. Revlon 1 point
    Sally Hansen is thinner and easier to apply. ! point
    Revlon feels like a better quality polish. 1 point
    Revlon tends to bubble if you don’t get is super thin whereas SH never bubbled. SH 1 point

    So, yup, by a whisker, SH comes out on top.

    But I feel if I can get the hang of applying Revlon without bubbles and then get it to last at least 4 days looking good then it will be the better product. It just feels that much better and is more pleasing to look at. Not that I sit at my desk looking at my pretty nails…much.

    • I have used them all….the Revlon top coat is working best for me right now…used it with the Vinylux polish by CND, and it lasted better than with the SH or the Revlon. I will keep switching it up…it will never last like the real gels, which I was doing at home, but the Acetone was really bothering the skin around and underneath my nails, so until I can find a way to fix that I will be giving it a rest and stick to the no LED light version that comes off without acetone. If anyone has any suggestions, please share! Thanks!

      • I want to like Revlon more because I think the colors are prettier but I can’t deny that the Sally Hansen product is rather good. I have never tried Vinylux. I am not sure where it’s sold. Ulta, I would imagine. You know, I do have really good luck with cheapo Sinful Colors. Maybe I should try that brand with one of the top coats from the near gel lines.

        • I had such a bad experience with the SH Miracle Gel! (It chipped after 1 day…like BADLY) So I hope the Revlon is better. Normal nail polish lasts like 5 days before chipping on me.

  18. I tried the polish for the first time last night and it’s awesome! But I noticed after one hour that it was still a little sticky. In fact, I had to repaint one nail because it barely touched my hair. So I put a coat of Seche Vite (a very fast dry very shiny top coat that I swear by) over the Revlon top coat and voila! Dry and shiny and no sleep damage.

  19. I have used Vinylux, Gel Envy, and Sally Hansen….all ok, but nothing compares to real gel…which I do myself at home. I think they are best for me, because they protect my weal splitting nails….the non LED ones don’t and my nails still split…

  20. I have decided to go with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Line. So, sorta stuck with about five bottles of the Colorstay. I hadn’t tried this one color so today I applied Checkmate, a job interview color if you know what I mean. Now that I have decided to use the SH line, sure enough, this Colorstay color went on really well. It will probably last the entire work week.

  21. I am really pleased with the polished, but I am a bit confused on the best way to remove it. I bought a hundred percent acetone remover because I thought that’s what it would need. Do I need to soak my nails in the remover? Applied cotton ball and wrap it around the fingernail? What is the best way to remove the gel when you are ready to change colors?


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