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LA Exclusive

Parisian Passion goof

Parisian Passion

Oh my gosh! My first makeup post. And those are my lips up there… awkward. But anyway, today’s all about Revlon. I was lucky enough to attend a little event Revlon Canada had for some bloggers up in my hood where they gave us a sneak-peek into what’s to come (and it’s exciting!) at Revlon HQ. Plus, we also got to take home a party bag. Except there were no plastic bead bracelets or candy here, just sweet, sweet makeup. These new Colorstay Moisture Stain lippies included. I got me some Parisian Passion and LA Exclusive, and here’s what I think:

LA Exclusive
This is one of those colours that I’d totally see in the display and grab, because it’s a pretty pink that seems do-able. It’s not crazy flashy and it’s not boring, either. Just right. So I was defs excited to try this out. I’m not going to lie, when I first put it on I was a little let down. But girls, you need to like, let it settle. It will get better. So it first applies really, like, chalky and kind of thick? I don’t know how to describe it (AKA I need to blog about makeup some more!) but the colour just doesn’t look right. Once you get it on, smack your lips together a little and leave it be, it looks much better within a few minutes. The only disappointing thing is that it’s not as pretty as it is the bottle. And it kinda feels like paint on my lips. But it’s definitely cute if you’re looking for something a little more subtle.

Parisian Passion
How pretty is this thing? I’m actually terrified of dark colours on my lips because for one, they’re thin (don’t let the photos fool you) and I feel like dark colours only make them look thinner. No bueno. Two, I’m literally so pale it hurts. And I don’t think goth suits me. So this deep plum totally scared me. While I don’t yet love it on me yet, I think it will so grow on me. Me and dark lip products need time to get acquainted. For summer, not so much. But come fall it’ll be so damn perf. It also leaves your lips with a pretty, subtle stain.

These babies are available come June in 12 different shades and retail for $12.95. What do you think of them?

Okay! So that concludes my first makeup post. How did I do? Would you like to see more of these types of posts? Don’t get me wrong, I love my polish, but sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different… Tell me what you think below!


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