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BkyqDLPIIAArG5TRevlon Spiderman Collection - 1000 Volts

1000 Volts

Revlon Spiderman Collection - Gwen's Crush

Gwen’s Crush

Revlon Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly

If there’s one thing that makes my skin crawl (and makes me scream like a complete and total girl) it’s spiders. They’re disgusting and gross and ugly and I can’t take them. So Spider Man isn’t exactly my thing. But in celebration of the new movie featuring the ever-cute Emma Stone, (AKA Revlon’s spokeswoman) Revlon came out with limited-edition glosses and polishes, all of which Spider Man-inspired. And these are just about the only spider-related things I’m down with. Just look at those kick-ass cobweb caps. Can’t deal! 

1000 Volts is a really nice gold-toned polish that went on well enough, though I’m not super crazy in love with it. I’m generally not a huge fan of these metallic-wannabe polishes. I mean, it’s pretty, but I’m not going to be reaching for it for my next mani.

Gwen’s Crush is a sort of duo-chrome magenta pink with hints of blue in it. Like 1000 Volts, I’m just not in love. The whole collection is made up of these multi-faceted shades and I’m just not that into them. This colour was easy to apply in two coats, so if this shade is your thing then defs pick it up.

My favourite had to be this gloss, Sparks Fly. In the bottle it has an orange-red tone to it, which I wasn’t feeling. But I completely love it on the lips. It gives just a whisper of colour, shine and sparkle and is just up my alley, beauty wise. It’s super soft and super pretty. Major winner for me! As for the texture, it’s a gloss and it feels like a gloss, but it isn’t crazy sticky. Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something similar.

So overall, I don’t know how I feel about the Revlon Spider Man Collection. Of course, I didn’t test everything out (have you seen that blue gloss?!), but I’d go for the glosses ($8) first and then consider the polishes ($6) if something catches your eye. But hurry! These goodies won’t be around for very long. x

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