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So I’ve been wondering this morning –how did you get to my blog and where are you from? Sometimes I log onto my analytics and I’m so amazed that there are people from Hong Kong, Africa, even San Francisco or out west in B.C. or somewhere in Europe that are on my blog. I always wonder, how on earth did they find me? So I figured I’d ask! If you’re reading this and would like to comment (I’d love it if you would!) what brought you to my site, how did you find it and where you’re from, if you don’t mind sharing? Also I might as well take this time to say THANK YOU for reading my silly words, commenting and saying such nice things about my manicures. I love hearing from and interacting with you guys. Have a lovely Saturday, my glossy girls! x

P.S. Above is Essie’s Too Taboo neons which I just got in yesterday. Literally cannot wait to swatch them; they’re so pretty it hurts a little. Which is your fave colour?


  1. Yea I remember I first seen your manicure post on Nail Polish Lovers community site. Loved your nail art and I saw you have a blog/website so I had to check it out :) I am from Scarborough, Ontario Canada

    • Hi Candace! Thank you! So happy you checked me out and nice to know you’re a fellow Canadian! :)

  2. I found your blog via using Google to find some swatches of a nail polish (I think it was either an Essie or a Zoya.) and went some pages back and forth … well, at the end I stayed because I like your blog. :-)

    And I’m from Germany (from a small town in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). :)

    • That’s so interesting! Thanks so much for staying around :) And Germany… so awesome! Wonder what it’s like there! x

  3. I found your blog through A YouTuber-Zenorah. She gave you high praise for your nail art.

  4. I remember how I first saw your blog. I was looking for swatches of “On a
    silver platter” Essie, using google. Then I saw ones of the most
    beautiful nails I’ve ever seen, literally. And I stayed here for a while
    ;). So here I am :D. I’m from Poland, Europe and I’m adiccted to nail
    polish, but too shy to share my passion with world. Love, Eva :)

    • Eva, you’re so sweet! Thank you so much. So glad you enjoy my posts. You shouldn’t be shy about sharing your passion… starting this blog is easily one of the best things I’ve done. If you ever do get started, let me know. I’ll be your first fan! x

  5. Dang, I have no memory how I found your blog…either a swatch search, or if you commented on another blog where they let you link to your latest blog post, that also could’ve been it. I follow blogs that have eye pleasing layouts and are well written. :)

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