Tryst Lacquers Topping Overload

Tyrst Lacquers Topping Overload 3 Trsyt Lacquers Topping Overload 2 Tryst Lacquers Topping Overload 4 Tryst Lacquers Topping Overload

Tryst Lacquers Topping Overload (more like awesome glitter overload) is the prettiest polish ever, with its super teeny, tiny, delicate glitters and a creamy white base. As soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. It took three coats to get to this opacity and I wouldn’t do any less than that, otherwise the white base isn’t as pretty and bright as it should be. It was great to apply and smoothed out perfectly with topcoat. I love how the glitter in this polish reminds me of sprinkles on icing (on a super girly cake). The different colors go so well together (and totally pop against the white) and there’s a super subtle sparkle thanks to some ultra-mini (almost unnoticeable) silver hex glitter. Swoon. I can’t say much more about this polish except that it’s awesome, totally unique, and I kind of love it -just as much as I’d like a vanilla iced chocolate cake completely covered in sprinkles… mmmmmm.


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